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If you’re watching the markets -- or at least keeping up with market news -- then you already know that the market took a massive hit. And you also know that the market clawed back some of those gains.

Since then, we’ve been seeing one big consolidation in the market.

And many traders are patiently waiting to see which way the market breaks out before taking any positions. That way, your risk is limited and -- you’re far more likely to see profitable trades. Except...

By then, it’s too late.

Once the market breaks out, the winners have already been decided.

The best way to lock in big wins is to anticipate what the market will do before the market actually does it! Then make your trades based off of clear, objective data that limits your risk as much as possible without affecting your profit potential.

It’s not magic. It’s not impossible. And you don’t need a crystal ball…

It’s the power of Technical Analysis, and it can revolutionize your trading and investing.

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Wednesday, February 21 5PM ET

Discover a proprietary approach to Technical Analysis from industry-leading Chartered Market Technician JC Parets, a world renowned Technical Analyst, International speaker, and Founder of All Star Charts.

Get ready to experience trading in a whole new way. Specifically, you can trade in the same way that the most profitable institutions in the world do to consistently lock in wins.

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