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All Star Charts Crypto

📈 Buying the Altcoin Bloodbath

There is a bloodbath taking place in the altcoins even though Bitcoin has barely budged to the downside.

Sentiment and price action is being washed out, which in the context of a bull market, presents a favorable opportunity.

All Star Charts Crypto

🔍 An Inflection Point

I'm maintaining my neutral short-term bias. My data sets are mixed, with some indicators pointing in bullish territory while others skew bearish.

Volatility has contracted to extreme levels. Given volatility's mean-reverting nature, we're likely going to experience an expansion in volatility in the short-term.

All Star Charts Crypto

📅 Relative Strength in Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin looks set to end the week down as large-cap growth is driving up the U.S. equity indices. There's a substantial divergence taking place, and I'm betting that Bitcoin catches higher; I just need to see this manifest with a breakout above 73,000.

All Star Charts Crypto

📅 Bitcoin Miners Look Terrific

This was a rather positive week for the crypto complex, with Bitcoin looking poised to break higher.

At the same time, crypto stocks seem to be front running a Bitcoin breakout, particularly as merger activity in the mining sector has buoyed the price of these stocks.

All Star Charts Crypto

🔍 Short-term Weakness

Last week saw short-term weakness manifest in crypto markets. For the time being, I still have a neutral short-term bias in the context of a longer-term bullish outlook.

All Star Charts Crypto

📈 Four High Conviction Setups

Bitcoin's shaping up rather nicely and I'm seeing a handful of successful breakouts around the place. If we see Bitcoin show its head above 73,000, we could be on the verge of an aggressive bullish move.

Many charts have gone sideways for many months, which provides us with a healthy foundation to build a rally off.

All Star Charts Crypto

🔍 The Contraction​

I don't have much directional conviction in the short-term. I want to see Bitcoin break 73,000 before getting overly optimistic in the coming weeks.