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The Buzz 🐝 Week 14

June 5, 2023

Welcome to The Buzz! 

Week starting June 5, 2023 | Edition No. 14 

Our mission at The Buzz is simple: to identify and profit from the most-talked-about stocks on social media. 

Every week, we compile a list of stocks trending tickers that are experiencing a large increase in the investor interest. We use social media data from our partners at Likefolio. 

In each weekly report, we outline 1-3 actionable trades. We also take a closer look at a few other charts from our list. Some weeks will have more actionable setups than others, as we don’t want to force trades. 

With any bottoms-up scan, many of these stocks are at the mercy of the broader market. We will always consider the current market environment when identifying our long/short ideas. 

None of these setups are guaranteed to work. Profitable trading requires you to take small losses and let your winners run. If price closes below our risk levels, we want to take the small loss and move on, to preserve capital for future opportunities. 

As always, feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or feedback. 

Let’s dive into this week’s list of trending tickers!

Download as TradingView Watchlist 

This table shows the rate of change in weekly mentions relative to a longer-term average of mention history. In less technical terms, this list shows us the most popular stocks on social media last week. 

List Overview 

This week’s list was pretty diverse in terms of sectors. Tech stocks continue to show up more and more, which makes sense given their recent outperformance. Many stocks are extended in the short term, so patience is prudent. There will always be opportunities, and we want to avoid chasing trends. Broadcom ($AVGO) was the only repeat from last week’s list, as Semiconductor stocks remain in the spotlight. 

The five largest: (By Market Cap) 

  • $AVGO - Broadcom Inc. 
  • $RTX - Raytheon Technologies Corp. 
  • $T - AT&T Inc. 
  • $RACE - Ferrari N.V. 
  • $OXY - Occidental Petroleum Corp.

The five closest to 52-week highs: 

  • $LII - Lennox International Inc. 
  • $JBL - Jabil 
  • $FLEX - Flex Ltd. 
  • $RACE - Ferrari N.V. 
  • $PAA - Plains All American Pipeline , L.P.

Top Gainers (1-Week % Change) 

  • $LII - Lennox International Inc. 
  • $SAND - Sandstorm Gold Inc. 
  • $NOV - NOV Inc. 
  • $CBSH - Commerce Bancshares, Inc. 
  • $EWBC - East West Bancorp, Inc.

Let’s kick it off with our three favorite long setups…


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